Bath Mats

Riviera Home Furnishings, India, are one of the largest suppliers of quality bath mats in the World, utilising a wide variety of equipment which can manufacture bath mats in almost every style you can imagine.

Our customer list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the World’s major retail stores.

We manufacture bath mats using a variety of different fibres: In cotton alone, we utilise various grades, including 100% luxurious Egyptian Cotton, Prima Cotton and, of course, our home grown Indian Cotton.

Riviera are also market leaders in the latest state of the art Microfibre Polyester and our extensive investments in this area have enabled us to create a whole new level of softness and luxurious silk-like touch.

As well as using cotton and microfibre polyester, we also use other more exotic and eco friendly materials such as bamboo and eucalyptus.

Our scale of operation and vertical integration enable us to offer highly competitive pricing, whilst still being able to create and produce bath mats of all types from simple plain dyes through to complex multiple designs suitable for all markets’ budget and style requirements.

Our UK Showroom has over 500 different varieties of bath mats from which you can take inspiration to create your very own style. Buyers are very welcome to discuss their requirements with us. Please follow the links to the ‘Contact Us’ section.