Riviera Textiles are proud to present and to make available to you its Custom Axminster Programme. Whilst Riviera will always have a range of “off the shelf” standard ranges of the highest quality and containing some great designs, it recognises that some of its customers will wish to create their very own unique carpet in a specification that will suit their own budget and usage requirements.

Riviera hopes to make that process simple and straight forward.

Riviera have an extensive library of design that might inspired you or you can go completely custom and we can work with you to interpret your design idea to create you very own carpet. Riviera’s extensive experience in the bespoke market is available to help you solve any interior Floorcovering problem you might encounter. No matter how small or large call upon us to give you impartial and reliable advice.

Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum order quantity we can make without premium charge is:

  • 100m2 in 0.91m width
  • 200m2 in 2.00m width
  • 300m2 in 4.00m width

Design Repeat

Some of our looms have Electronic Jacquard facilities and offer unlimited design repeat.

Number of Colours

Most custom designs tend to use somewhere between 3 to 4 colours but some of our looms have 12 frames and can offer you great scope with the use of colour.

Creating your very own design

Riviera has an extensive design archive and the designs shown in this book are just a mere selection of the designs we have made and are to illustrate the choice you have.

However, want to go custom ? – We are here to help you and Our contract sales staff can interpret you wishes or our highly skilled designers working with the latest CAD CAM Technology will help you create at first a CAD printout and the move on to create a hand made sample for design and colour approval.