Kensington Colours

Available colours within the Kensington Range:

Kensington Specification

Introducing Kensington, the latest addition to Riviera Home’s prestigious collection of luxurious carpets. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Kensington is handwoven from the finest 100% New Zealand wool, ensuring a product of unparalleled quality and comfort. Its unique random tip sheer construction not only adds depth and texture but also exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Available in a selection of four sophisticated and subtle hues, Kensington is designed to complement any interior design scheme, enhancing the aesthetic of your living space. With its generous 5-meter width, this exquisite carpet range effortlessly covers large areas, providing a seamless and expansive coverage that is both impressive and practical.

Make a statement of luxury and style with Kensington, a carpet range that truly sets itself apart in the Riviera Home collection. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation and transform your home into a haven of comfort and luxury with Kensington.



Pile Fibre

100% New Zealand Wool

Total Pile Weight

1350g / m2

Pile Height


Total Carpet Height





Cotton Blend

Tog Rating



Heavy Domestic / Medium Contract

Foot traffic (Change in Colour & Appearance) ISO 10361:2015 Method B & EN ISO 9405:2015

Appearance: 3Weight Loss: 0.25%Thickness Loss: 1.90mmWet rub fastness: 3 GS


Hand Crafted

Moth Proofed

Woven Cotton Back

Pure New Wool

All the above specifications are subject to normal manufacturing tolerance variations. The company may make changes or improvements to products at anytime without notice.

Online colour variation

Images of carpet within our website are for guidance only. We recommend ordering samples or visiting a local retailer to view the colour accurately.

Colour Matching & Shade Variations

As with all textile products, colours may vary slightly from batch to batch. Whilst every effort is made to ensure accurate colour matching from one batch to another, natural undyed wools can have inherent variations in colour due to factors such as the source of the fibre, the specific breed of the animal, and environmental and seasonal influences. Even with careful production processes, these natural variations can result in slight colour differences between batches.

To address this concern and if your requirements are particularly colour critical and you require an exact colour match, it is advisable to request a dye batch cutting from your Authorised Dealer before placing your order. By obtaining a sample from the specific batch you intend to purchase, you can assess its colour and ensure it meets your expectations.

If you are using the carpet in adjoining areas, please make sure you tell us so that we can take your cuts from the same colour batch.

Handwoven carpets

Handwoven carpets are an artisan product and, as such, can have irregularities and imperfections which are considered part of their charm.  Variations in weave, tension and shading create a carpet with its own distinctive character and, in turn, making it unique.  Any irregularities found within a handwoven carpet are to be celebrated and not considered a manufacturing fault and are inherent to the beauty of a fine handmade carpet.


Riviera Home UK carpets should be sold and professionally installed in accordance with BS:5325, using a good quality underlay.


Carpets may develop light and dark shaded areas, particularly in heavy traffic areas; this is called ‘shading’ or ‘pile reversal’ and is caused by pile pressure. This can also appear as a ‘water mark’. This is not considered to be a manufacturing defect and can occur on most textiles.

Care & maintenance

If installed and maintained correctly, our carpet should give you years of good service. We recommend that spillages are spot cleaned immediately. For major spillages, please consult a professional carpet cleaning contractor.

See our Care & Installation page for more information…