Why Choose Wool?

February 5, 2024

Wool carpets have had a reputation for quality and durability for hundreds of years. Synonymous with luxury, they remain an incredibly popular choice of carpet for both residential and commercial installations.

There’s nothing more luxurious than the comfort and warmth of a wool carpet.

Carpets can be made using many different types of wool from sheep breeds from all over the world, each with their own characteristics.  New Zealand wool is considered the premium of yarns for carpet.  It is a lot softer and whiter than other wools, which makes this the ideal material for plain or lighter shade ranges.  New Zealand Wool also has a soft sheen which gives a lustrous appearance to these carpets.

Riviera Home have several ranges using New Zealand wool, including our latest ranges, Genoa & Turin, with their elegant handwoven textured designs.

Wool is a completely natural fibre containing natural oils. These oils are resistant to dirt and will repel other oil-based soiling. Plus, as wool is an opaque fibre, dirt will be harder to see so your carpet will naturally appear clean. For the most part, all you will need to keep your carpet looking good is regular vacuuming.


Caring for the environment

Caring for the environment

Wool grows on sheep or similar animals who require regular shearing and as such there is a regular supply of wool available every year for the carpet industry making the material 100% natural and fully sustainable.

In our commitment to creating distinctive carpets, Riviera Home use both dyed and 100% undyed wools in our carpets.   The naturally occurring colours of various sheep breeds are used to create our undyed colour ranges, like the captivating tweed effect of Riviera Home’s Siena range. We also use natural dyes such as madder and turmeric to create many of the colours found in Riviera Home’s luxury carpet ranges.

Wool is biodegradable in soil, producing nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water which are all plant nutrients. This makes 100% wool carpets an excellent choice for flooring as we become more focused on the protection and preservation of our natural world.

Miniscule scales of the wool’s fibres will hold fine dust until it is vacuumed, which will minimise any floating particles in the atmosphere. The use of a good quality vacuum cleaner, preferably with an adjustable beater bar, will then remove dust and dirt before it can cause irritation.  (For further details please visit our care and maintenance page on the website.)

Furthermore, wool is a natural ‘smart’ fibre and can help to create a balanced atmosphere in any home, meaning it is able to absorb humidity in the air and will then release it back when the atmosphere becomes dry.  This in turn means that it deters the presence of dust mites, mould and fungus.

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