Handloom Wilton Carpet

Riviera’s handloom Wilton carpets are crafted by weavers whose skills have been honed and passed down from generation to generation.

Handwoven carpets are an artisan product and, as such, can have irregularities and imperfections within them.  No two handwoven carpets will be identical and any irregularities found within a hand woven carpet are to be celebrated and should not be considered manufacturing faults.

Our Wilton collection are all crafted in 100% Wool or Wool/Tencel mix on hand operated looms.

The exception being one of our latest ranges, Luxure, which is woven from 100% Bamboo.

Riviera’s hand loom products are truly luxurious, with dense and thick pile offering outstanding value for money in qualities that can no longer be made in any other country than India.

If you are looking for that exclusive carpet that you won’t see in other people’s homes, look no further than to buying one of Riviera’s exclusive handloom products.