• MATERIAL: 100% Soft Strand
  • GAUGE: 31.50 / 10cm
  • PILE WEIGHT: 1,700/ m2
  • BACKING: Cotton
  • COLOUR: 521 Seal
  • SUITABILITY: Luxury domestic

Product description Luxury fine Saxony
SuitabilityLuxury domestic
Gauge or pitch31.50 / 10cm
Stitch state or rows43.31 / 10cm
Tuft density136,426 / m2
Pile height above backing13.5 - 14mm
Total pile weight1,700/ m2
Total carpet weight3,120 / m2
Pile fibre content100% Soft Strand
Backing materialsCotton
Widths available4m
Colour fastness:
• Light
• Shampoo

Abrasion resistanceIn access of 25,000 rubs
Moth proofingN/A - Naturally moth resistant
De-lamination force (Bonding Strength) ASTM D39364.22 lbs/inch
Tuft withdrawal force: ISO 4919 2.58 lbs/inch
Tog rating2.52
Flammability ratings: BS 4790 & BS 5287 hot metal nut testLow radius effect of ignition
520 Anchor
521 Seal
522 Turtle Dove
523 Silver Fox
524 Tawny Owl
525 Harbour Grey
526 Sandcastle


Riviera Home UK strive to bring you the best possible quality carpets and rugs in the latest colours and shades. We are constantly monitoring the latest trends and fashions in interior design, to ensure an up to the minute range is available.

Riviera Home UK have developed the incredibly ‘silky to the touch’ Soft Strand yarn. This is a finely spun, micro polyester, that we have developed for our Impressions, Reflections and Allure ranges. Whilst feeling incredibly soft and similar to Luxure it is fully cleanable and family friendly.

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Riviera Home UK create beautiful, unique carpets and rugs to both high street independent retailers and interior designers. We manufacture hand crafted quality products in our own factories in India, using both the traditional skills of handloom weaving and state of the art machinery, to give us the capability to create a diverse range of innovative products in unique designs, colours and textures across a variety of natural and man-made fibres.

In-line with the environmentally friendly ethos we adhere to, many of our products are also completely bio-degradable. Once a carpet has come to the end of its life, if placed in landfill it will complete breakdown in to the earth.

For peace of mind, all our products are fully moth proofed where necessary to ensure you get good quality service from your carpet or rug.

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If you are interested in purchasing a carpet or rug from Riviera Home UK for your home, please visit the WHERE TO BUY page on this website to find your nearest retailer.

If you are a retailer or interior designer please visit the MEET THE TEAM page and contact your local sales manager.

For all other enquiries please call +44 (0)1299 871446 or email sales@riverahomeuk.com

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Many carpets in our range are made from 100% wool, which not only wears well, but is also kind to the environment, as it is a completely natural material and a fully sustainable resource. Wool also retains heat and makes a room feel warmer as well as being comfortable underfoot. Re-assuringly, wool is also naturally fire resistant. Many of our products are also completely bio-degradable. Once a carpet has come to the end of its life, if placed in landfill it will complete breakdown in to the earth.

We also manufacture a luxurious carpet range in bamboo called Luxure, which is one of the softest carpets on the market today but again from a natural renewable source.

Riviera Home UK also have strict manufacturing polices including; safe guards against child labour and minimum impact on the environment.

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